IP Switching

IP Switching

The Five Trends in Service Provider Network Transformation from our Conversations with Global Leaders

Over the last several years, we have been working with some of the largest and most successful Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in the world, and it's been fascinating to be part of their transformation teams, contributing to their large-scale projects, as virtualized and software defined networks emerge and legacy networks continue to fade into the past. 

Countdown to Shutdown - How Operators Can Avoid the Perils of Aging Wireline Switching Infrastructure

We’ve probably all been accused of taking things for granted – whether it’s a beautiful picturesque day if you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical location; or the fact that you have reliable transportation to get you to and from your job and daily activities; or the infrastructure such as bridges and roads that we travel every day.  But when something that you take for granted suddenly fails, the impact can be devastating.  Take for example, legacy telephone switches, commonly known as “TDM Switches”.  Many of these switches have far out

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