Unified Communications

Unified Communications

In an Increasingly Interconnected World a Rosetta Stone for Messaging Makes all the Difference

As communications networks evolve, interconnects tend to grow in numbers and complexity. Carriers and enterprises are converting core networks to IP, and are using IP to con­nect with peering entities. For the network core to deal with the emerging universe of applications, networks and devices, those elements must first be normalized at the edge.

Enterprise Digital Transformation and Real-Time Communications: Five Opportunities for Savings, Productivity Boosts & Business Expansion with Cloud-Based Voice, Messaging and Video

Is your enterprise ready to support wave after wave of new technologies already disrupting and, in some cases, destroying traditional business?

Communications and collaboration are undergoing a major “uber-transformation” and, to a large extent, this is being driven by a new generation of customers, workers, and partners who have grown up mobile first, cloud first, and constantly connected.  Enterprises who aren’t adapting fast enough are crumbling.

IBM’s Watson Rationalizes UC

I’m not sentimental for the good old days as I typically embrace new technology, although I do recognize its impact.  In 1995, checking my messages meant checking voice mail from my desk phone, in 2000 it evolved to checking voice mail on my phone and e-mail on my PC, mostly in the office.  Today it means checking 6 or 7 different messaging platforms (including consumer tools and social networks) on 3 or 4 different devices – even if I’m on vacation in the most beautiful setting on earth.

A JITC Certified Solution: GENBAND’s Bipartisan Plan for Progressive Communications

It’s a presidential election year in Washington, D.C., having gone to college there and lived there for a number of years I know this is a special time.  It’s one of those years where you regularly overhear coffee shop conversations that include threats to “move to Canada if candidate X gets elected”.  Personally, when I hear this chatter I always feel bad for my Canadian neighbors to the North.

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