What is an Access Gateway Control Function?

What is an Access Gateway Control Function?

The Access Gateway Control Function (AGCF) allows for legacy non-SIP networks to receive communication from an IMS network via a Media Gateway or Softswitch. The AGCF when working with a Media Gateway, a Call Session Controller, and Application Server functions as a SIP agent within an IMS network. The role of the AGCF is to convert the H.248 signals it receives from an Access-MGW and translate them into appropriate SIP messages. This function allows for the network architecture to be IMS-compliant.

The AGCF allows for you to grow your network by scaling millions of lines when the AGFC runs side-by-side in multiple occurrences. 


GENBAND's C20 enables global carriers to offer next generation services to their subscriber, enabling investment protection and service continuity, and allowing operators to migrate customers at their own pace. For service providers that plan on eventually deploying an IMS solution, the C20 and MGCF facilitate migration to IMS by providing comprehensive AGCF support.

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