What is Unified Messaging?

What is Unified Messaging?

Unified Messaging is the integration of different forms of communication media (e-mail, SMS, messaging, voicemail and video) that are all stored in one system, implemented into a single interface. In most traditional systems, messaging systems relied on their own systems, servers, or standalone devices. But unified messaging looks to simplify the user's communication experience by bringing all of the features into one solution. 

GENBAND's Converged Intelligent Messaging (CIM) and Intelligent Messaging Manager (IMM) are solutions for enterprises to easily allow for their users to experience unified messaging by combining their text and voice messages (by means of voice-to-text transcription) to be accessed on the device of their choice. 

Many enterprises also look to unified messaging also as a means by which to migrate from the older traditional legacy systems in order to save on future equipment costs. GENBAND's Unified Messaging solution is also available with our Unified Communications solution.

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