Caribbean Kandy

Caribbean Kandy

September 9th, 2016
alex-donn  recently participated in the Conference in Puerto Rico and brought home a number of awesome social good hack solutions. Competing teams started over two months ago to battle it out on who would win the opportunity of getting flown into the finals at the conference.

Once they arrived in beautiful San Juan, the selected teams had 48 hours to complete their best solutions for the two challenges listed below. Additionally, the apps they designed had to have a socially relevant aspect to them, which they only discovered at the start of the hackathon.

  1. Create a Call Center App With -that would allow customers to deploy call centers within minutes
  2. Create a Team Communications App to facilitate cross-enterprise collaboration.



Of the twenty+ teams who originally applied, the following four were selected to participate in the onsite hackathon:

  • Team 404, from Suriname, created a disaster management solution app named "Call 911" and took home the $1500 USD first place prize!
  • Team BahaCode, fom the Bahamas, created  an office directory solution called xxx
  • Team CodeIt, from Belize, presented "Kapoint," a customer service solution app.
  • Team Raiora, from Trinidad and Tobago, presented "Say.fer,” a disaster management solution app.

CANTO's secretary general, Teresa Wankin, previously commented “As we have seen over the last few years, single function communication devices, have been replaced by multi-function real-time communications software applications. Most of the innovation in communications is now taking place at the software level, and we have to position our region to be drivers of that innovation. And from what we have seen, the Kandy Platform allows developers to create sophisticated real-world communications applications with very little effort, and we are happy that GENBAND has made it available to us for this competition.”

The / Hackathon was an excellent event in showcasing the applications of the API as well as the ease of implementation within a 48 hour period by developers who were new to the technology. We are looking forward to Canto 2017 and hope to help further the Caribbean's image as a telecom development hub!

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