Celebrating Two Amazing Years This May First

Celebrating Two Amazing Years This May First

May 1st, 2016

GENBAND is hosting its fourth annual customer event again in Orlando this year, Perspectives16, kicking off today on May Day. Every year, this event welcomes hundreds of innovators and thinkers within the real-time communications industry from around the world, as it gets bigger, increasingly interesting and more meaningful. 

May 1st also marks the beginning of my second year serving the people, customers and partners of GENBAND, as well as my third Perspectives summit.  I am honored to be part of what is a truly revolutionary community rich with creative, courageous entrepreneurs. Not only is GENBAND continuing to help many of the world's largest service provider and mobile operators transform their networks, but with Kandy - the company GENBAND has incubated for two years - we are giving new tools to innovators who are creating a better future through software and the cloud. 

Whether it's a large systems integrator like SAP, a massive global leader like IBM, or exciting startups like TeleMedCo and MBody360, developers are able to add human communications into workflow that not only makes us more productive, but can literally save our lives. 

Whether we are bringing our fring client and applications to some of the world's biggest mobile operators, to help them fight back against the over-the-top messaging and social messaging companies who are using their networks but taking their subscribers - or we are bringing unified communications to rural telecom companies enabling them to move into the world of mobile services.

We are making transformation of networks and business models possible. 

Over the last 24 months, I have had the opportunity to travel around the world, visiting some of the great cities (Paris, London, Istanbul, New York, Tel Aviv and more), while also building the best marketing and communications team I've ever worked with. Earlier this year, when I was asked to expand my role beyond marketing communications, I accepted the challenge knowing that the products, solutions and strategic marketing professionals on the team were among the best and brightest thinkers in our industry. 

We've been able to tell hundreds of stories, working with our partners and customers - a joyful experience because there is so much to share, including inspiring solutions in the areas of healthcare, wellness, suicide prevention, environmental improvement, access to broadband and services for all, security and cyber security and more. 

This week, our Chairman and CEO David Walsh, will be sharing his expanded vision for how we will continue to connect on the “Exchange of Everything," where we can more easily trade and share, leading digital lives more elegantly, intuitively, efficiently, securely and freely. He's one of dozens of speakers who will be sharing their view of the future, and while I will be busy helping my team run this event smoothly - I will also be in the front row ready to listen and learn, and share what have often been compared to "TEDTalks" with my friends and followers, the industry and the world. 

Thanks for following me on this journey and for sharing your ideas back - for exchanging ideas - and contributing to the ongoing wave of change and creativity as we prepare for even more magic in the year and years ahead. 

With great thanks to my team, 


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