A JITC Certified Solution: GENBAND’s Bipartisan Plan for Progressive Communications

A JITC Certified Solution: GENBAND’s Bipartisan Plan for Progressive Communications

June 7th, 2016

It’s a presidential election year in Washington, D.C., having gone to college there and lived there for a number of years I know this is a special time.  It’s one of those years where you regularly overhear coffee shop conversations that include threats to “move to Canada if candidate X gets elected”.  Personally, when I hear this chatter I always feel bad for my Canadian neighbors to the North. Do they really want an influx of over-caffeinated disgruntled citizens…I think not.  Regardless, all this wistful talk about Canadian values reminds me of one of Canada’s finest contributions to American government. Yes, of course I mean the Nortel PBX.

In case you didn’t know it, in addition to offering a potential safe haven to our dismayed citizenry, our Canadian neighbor’s ingenuity is also powering many of America’s most important government agencies and departments.  Nortel SL-100s, CS 2100s and AS 5300s are so secure and reliable that they are still the heart of communications in every branch of the military, all the way from the Pentagon to remote military bases and hospitals.  Many have exceeded their life expectancy by decades but soldier on without complaint, like the men and women they serve.  It’s only fitting that in an election year when much of Washington is feuding, that these workhorses offer a rallying point for change that everyone can agree on  -  improving communications and reducing costs.

With harmony in our hearts, GENBAND is excited to announce that our GENBAND Application Server (AS --AKA EXPERiUS) has recently been awarded JITC certification as a Local Session Controller (LSC) by the United States Department of Defense (DoD). DoD organizations now have a cost-effective path forward for their legacy Nortel communications infrastructure that preserves value and simplifies migrations.  Departments and agencies can reduce the footprint of their deployments, moved to virtualized and/or private cloud-based infrastructure and standards-based endpoints. 

In many cases, thousands of square feet of data center space can be repurposed while saving tens of thousands of dollars in system and HVAC power consumption.  Investments in resilient IP LANS/WANs can be fully leveraged to replace aging copper wiring.  Administration is streamlined, saving staff time.  And agency staff, well they can get more done with communications tools designed for today, not 1985.  All of these savings can immediately be redirected to competing requirements, even as end user services are enhanced.  Best of all, system administrators will appreciate the AS’s Nortel heritage as feature provisioning and user experiences will remain familiar.

I should pause a moment, if you don’t understand the Nortel-GENBAND connection, let me offer a high-level summary.  GENBAND acquired Nortel’s Carrier business in 2010 including the software that powers the SL-100 & CS 2100.  As part of the Nortel break-up, GENBAND and Avaya each got access to the AS 5300 software and associated intellectual property (this portfolio was originally called the MCS 5100, etc.).  Avaya has maintained the AS 5300 but no longer offers new features.  GENBAND continues to evolve the platform and software as the GENBAND AS is the core of all the company’s SIP-based call control services, both premises and cloud-based. 


The GENBAND Application Server is fully virtualized so it can be deployed on COTs hardware, dynamically scaled to support up to 2 million users per instance and easily deployed in a secure private cloud.  GENBAND’s carrier heritage means that the AS was designed from day 1 for 99.999% reliability and geographic redundancy.  DoD organizations can easily build a cost-effective deployment architecture that meets demanding requirements for resiliency and redundancy, without the excessive hardware or convoluted fail-over schemes often required by traditional enterprise vendors.

The GENBAND AS is completely SIP-based so there’s no proprietary phones to acquire - so no worries about being locked into to a single vendor for decades.  JITC testing included support for Polycom VVX phones as well as TEO secure phones (ASSIP) and soft phones. 

I will be participating in an upcoming Webinar with Chris Thorson, Polycom’s Senior Director of Product Marketing titled, Save Your Nortel PBX with New JITC Certified Solutions from GENBAND and Polycom, on Wednesday, June 22 at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific. I hope that you can join us for what promises to be an informative discussion on the numerous benefits that our newly JITC certified solution offers.

It’s fair to say that in Washington, people will argue over anything.  However, no matter your political persuasion, it’s hard not to support a solution that does more and costs less.  Learn more at https://www.genband.com/solutions/enterprises/nortel-pbx-evolution/local-session-controller-jitc-compliance

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