NFV: A Vital Acronym for the Future of Telecom

NFV: A Vital Acronym for the Future of Telecom

June 22nd, 2016

Acronyms are a given in the telecom industry. Some are very important and others tend to come and fade as fast as they were introduced. But one acronym that will play a critical role in the future of our industry is NFV or Network Functions Virtualization.  NFV is designed to help the telecom industry accelerate innovation, launch services faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively through virtualization of telecommunications core and edge networks and network functions.

As service providers fight to maintain their dominance in the communications value chain they have to be more responsive to customer demands – this means being more nimble and having the ability to quickly turn services up or down, optimize traffic on their networks, be innovative in introducing new services or risk losing their customers to more agile competitors.  NFV promises to help service providers bring about all of these benefits and more.  But as service providers deploy services using NFV and software-defined networking (SDN), they increasingly must be able to elastically scale network functions across a wide range of locations and data centers running different virtualized environments.

GENBAND, a leader in real-time communications solutions with more than 700 service provider and enterprise customers worldwide, believes in a true ecosystem approach to bringing about the benefits of NFV. At GENBAND we are making significant progress around our NFV initiatives. Last month at our Perspectives16 Customer & Partner Summit we successfully demonstrated the ability to launch a completely new network via GENBAND network functions in minutes using NFV. We also demonstrated the ability to optimize traffic on the network and instantly scale services up and down.  

EMS and VNF Manager


Our NFV solutions leverage the industry’s leading open source environments and Intel architecture to deliver dramatically reduced deployment costs, constantly evolving functionality and increased flexibility in NFV environments. Service providers availing themselves of these open source solutions benefit from the power of joint development and resources.

Agility. Speed. Simplicity. Efficiency. Future-proof. As proud members of the HPE Open NFV Ecosystem, Intel Network Builders Program, Wind River Titanium Cloud, Canonical V-PIL and other market-leading ecosystems, GENBAND is working with our partners to help our service provider customers realize all of these benefits, while achieving  the highest level of interoperability and functionality as they transition to virtualized environments.


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