Software Defined Networks

Software Defined Networks

The Inevitability of DevOps: The Biggest Benefit of Network Transformation is Service Transformation

Development and operations teams are sprouting up in enterprises and businesses around the world, and while formal “DevOps” programs are still in the early phases, as our hyper-connected and hyper digital world calls for more and more software applications, many analysts suggest DevOps will be even more powerful than legacy IT in the future.

Enterprise Digital Transformation and Real-Time Communications: Five Opportunities for Savings, Productivity Boosts & Business Expansion with Cloud-Based Voice, Messaging and Video

Is your enterprise ready to support wave after wave of new technologies already disrupting and, in some cases, destroying traditional business?

Communications and collaboration are undergoing a major “uber-transformation” and, to a large extent, this is being driven by a new generation of customers, workers, and partners who have grown up mobile first, cloud first, and constantly connected.  Enterprises who aren’t adapting fast enough are crumbling.

Perspectives17: One Week, Ten Trends, Unlimited Networking

There is nothing as exciting as our annual customer and partner gathering each year, and this year, for the first time, we are bringing over 600 people together in my backyard, downtown Los Angeles. The energy in LA is unlike any other city, bringing a cool vibe to a hot town, with everything from music and entertainment to technology and a vibrant economy. As part of the real-time communications industry, we are in the networking business, and there will be no better networking happening than at this gathering which has grown each year over the past five years. 

The NFV Revolution & Evolution: There Is No Turning Back

Will network design in the future be as easy as spinning up Virtual Machines, and will launching new services take days or even hours, not months or even years?

This is the promise of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and the value proposition of Software Defined Networking (SDN).

According to industry analysts, it takes CSPs an average of 9 - 18 months to launch a new service on existing appliance-based networks.

The Acceleration of Transformation: Massive Network Transformation Changes Everything in 2015

Change or lose. Transform and win. Transformation in the real-time communications software industry is all around us - there is software everywhere, in the network, on the edge, on devices and endpoints, in the applications and embedded in applications. Nothing is standing still, and those who develop a score for transformation will orchestrate value creation while the rest will be doomed to cacophony.

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