Embedded Communications

Embedded Communications

A New Era of Cooperation in the OTT World - Is Peace Possible?

In the wake of the massive disruption of the traditional telecom industry as Internet-based Real-Time Communications (RTC) service have been taking "over-the-top" (OTT) by challengers, and growth of popular applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Facetime and dozens more shows no signs of slowing down, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is stepping up to lead an open discussion on global public policy. 

Get in Bed with Embedded Communications by Falling in Love with Your Apps Again

What would your work life be like if you could reach exactly the right person at exactly the right time, and have your questions answered in seconds, not minutes, hours or days?

Work would get done a lot faster, stress levels would decrease substantially, and the speed of doing business would flow instead of ebbing and flowing.

For most of history, communications have been asynchronous, and even synchronized communications has often required people to switch from one application to another.

The Imagination Economy: IE is The New Currency

Creativity is fueling commerce everywhere. With the democratization of powerful developer tools, access to open source software, greater access to massive bandwidth, more sophisticated mobile devices, low-cost sensors, and APIs that enable entrepreneurs to enrich their applications with cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and deep machine learning...nearly anybody with a clear vision and a passion to invent can build millennial businesses. 

Telco 2.0™, ICT and the Exchange of Everything in the Digital Economy

The business model of Communication Service Providers (CSP), traditionally known as telcos, is under attack on multiple fronts. For decades, the telco business model has been one-sided: telcos provide services to consumers in a completely unidirectional paradigm where they define the offering and consumers can take it or try and find another one-sided competing offer.

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