Communications Platform

Communications Platform

Winning in the Age of Digital Innovation: Allowing CSPs to BOLT ON, BUILD UPON & BRING TOGETHER World-Class Communications Services

Why is the communications platform market so hot right now? Why was Twilio one of only a few successful IPOs this year? Why are companies like Cisco and Vonage acquiring communications platforms?  The answers to these questions are simple. Because Communications Service Providers (CSPs) especially see the value that communications platforms can bring – the ability to give mobile and web developers access to real-time communications services and embed these capabilities directly into workflows and mobile apps simplifies and enhances the user experience. 

Using Vision and Innovation to Stay a Step Ahead of the Market

When I joined GENBAND in early 2015 I had firsthand knowledge of the innovation that was taking place at the company and that’s one of the things that made the organization so attractive to me. I’ve known David Walsh, our CEO, for many years and I know that he is fully committed to anticipating our customers’ needs and delivering the solutions and services that help them compete and maintain their dominant position in the communications industry. Staking out leadership positions across this dynamic landscape is part of our DNA.

The “Webification” of Real-Time Communications

The “webification” of real-time communications (RTC) refers to communications being embedded into the Web and made accessible on any screen, which is something we see happening in an increasing number of applications. Embedding RTC into web applications helps deliver a richer and better user experience by making online interactions more human. Developers, including those of sophisticated software that powers major business processes, are taking note of this trend and starting to capitalize on its benefits.

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