A Year of Progress, A New Year of Promise

As a new company created when two great organizations came together as one as the result of the merger of Sonus and GENBAND, we at Ribbon are more grateful than ever for the support of our team, our customers, our partners, and our communities.  Even as our industry continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, even as new technologies continue to disrupt traditional communications networks and inspire new applications, we know that life will continue to change in all good ways when we can connect the world in new ways.

The Inevitability of DevOps: The Biggest Benefit of Network Transformation is Service Transformation

Development and operations teams are sprouting up in enterprises and businesses around the world, and while formal “DevOps” programs are still in the early phases, as our hyper-connected and hyper digital world calls for more and more software applications, many analysts suggest DevOps will be even more powerful than legacy IT in the future.

In an Increasingly Interconnected World a Rosetta Stone for Messaging Makes all the Difference

As communications networks evolve, interconnects tend to grow in numbers and complexity. Carriers and enterprises are converting core networks to IP, and are using IP to con­nect with peering entities. For the network core to deal with the emerging universe of applications, networks and devices, those elements must first be normalized at the edge.

Answering the Call: Applauding the GSMA's Disaster Response Innovation Fund

The tragic disaster in Houston and surrounding areas in Texas - the state where GENBAND is headquartered in the U.S. - reminds us how important it is to be ready to respond and help when hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and floods impact communities on an increasingly large scale.

Our employees located in Dallas, only a few hours drive from Houston, have been opening their homes to families, friends and loved ones.  I know many colleagues and friends who have already donated to relief efforts and are trying to assist in other ways as well.

Enterprise Digital Transformation and Real-Time Communications: Five Opportunities for Savings, Productivity Boosts & Business Expansion with Cloud-Based Voice, Messaging and Video

Is your enterprise ready to support wave after wave of new technologies already disrupting and, in some cases, destroying traditional business?

Communications and collaboration are undergoing a major “uber-transformation” and, to a large extent, this is being driven by a new generation of customers, workers, and partners who have grown up mobile first, cloud first, and constantly connected.  Enterprises who aren’t adapting fast enough are crumbling.

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