Winning in the Age of Digital Innovation: Allowing CSPs to BOLT ON, BUILD UPON & BRING TOGETHER World-Class Communications Services

Winning in the Age of Digital Innovation: Allowing CSPs to BOLT ON, BUILD UPON & BRING TOGETHER World-Class Communications Services

September 26th, 2016

Why is the communications platform market so hot right now? Why was Twilio one of only a few successful IPOs this year? Why are companies like Cisco and Vonage acquiring communications platforms?  The answers to these questions are simple. Because Communications Service Providers (CSPs) especially see the value that communications platforms can bring – the ability to give mobile and web developers access to real-time communications services and embed these capabilities directly into workflows and mobile apps simplifies and enhances the user experience. 

There are several communications platforms on the market today, but not all platforms are created equal. With Kandy we have built something really special. Something that gives our customers a major competitive advantage. Kandy is the only Communications Platform that allows CSPs the ability to quickly bring to market embedded communications, managed Over-the-Top (OTT) Mobility Solutions for consumers and Business Solutions for enterprises from a hybrid, private or public cloud.

In just two short years, customers around the globe have experienced the unique business value that our cloud-based platform can deliver versus other solutions on the market. I can’t tell you how many customer meetings that I have gone into in just the past six months and started discussing the value proposition of Kandy and seen the light come on with executive leaders from some of the most well-known companies in the world. They immediately get the power of Kandy and how many ways they can leverage the platform. 

We are the only platform on the market with a Bolt On, Build Upon and Bring Together strategy. CSPs view R&D as a capital expenditure and although they see the immense value that a communications platform offers, many cannot justify the capital spend it would take to build a platform outside of their core network. Additionally, global IT budgets are estimated to be $3.5 trillion with nearly half being spent on communications.

That’s where our strategy comes into play. In effect, we are offsetting capital spend and disrupting IT budgets because instead of having to exhaust precious capital budgets on building a new communications platform CSPs can easily connect or Bolt On the Kandy platform to their network in our cloud via SIP Trunks and APIs or they can put the entire platform onto their private cloud with OpenStack and NFV and utilize their existing infrastructure to leverage 20 years of patent-protected real-time communications (RTC) technology to offer new revenue generating services and a better network. With a better network comes value added services like enhanced security and authentication, more robust threat management capabilities,  improved SLAs and more importantly richer global service offerings.   

We allow our CSP customers to rapidly Build Upon the Kandy platform to deploy innovative services such as messaging apps and Internet of Things (IoT) offerings using Kandy APIs, SDKs and their own application developers to enhance the user experience. Whether voice, text or video, messaging is the foundation that apps are built upon and Kandy allows them to exploit this massive opportunity by leveraging some of the most proven RTC technology on the market.

CSPs can also use our white-label, market-ready Kandy Wrapper applications for business and consumer services. For example, one tier one service provider is leveraging the Kandy Business Services Portal, a cloud-based service enablement system, via API access to sell Kandy Wrappers as standalone offerings to its enterprise customer base. Whether it’s leveraging our white label solutions or using their own app developers - Kandy offers our customers the ability to rapidly create services and open new revenue streams.

Kandy also allows our customers to Bring Together services uniformly across different end user platforms and environments using our Omni Technology to offer a better user interface and better user experience. Omni-based clients allow them to utilize and differentiate their offerings with our best in class cloud communications and collaboration technologies, while reducing the costs and complexities of Unified Communications (UC) services. The latest omni channel touch points are bots bundled with artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT and these are the capabilities that we are focused on enabling with Kandy.

The benefits that Kandy offers are countless from proven security technology to supporting multiple data centers to redundant Network Operations Centers (NOCs) to improving regulatory compliance. I can brag about how great our platform is all day, but what really speaks volumes is customer wins and third party validation. Some of the biggest brands in the world including SAP and IBM have entrusted their RTC needs to Kandy and we’re adding tier-one customers by the month. Additionally, one of the most respected market research firms in the industry recently named Kandy a “Major Player” in its communications platform vendor assessment and we continue to win awards for the innovative solutions we are introducing. 

In this age of digital innovation where companies have to move fast or risk getting left behind, we are providing our CSP customers with a major competitive advantage by leveraging one of the best communications platforms on the market, while they are allowing us to continue to innovate and disrupt the marketplace. I view it as a mutually beneficial relationship and when things work well for both parties we all win.

Here’s to another great two years and beyond!


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