Eastern Broadband Telecom Selects General Bandwidth as Primary Vendor for VoCable Deployment

Eastern Broadband Telecom Selects General Bandwidth as Primary Vendor for VoCable Deployment

Austin, TX and Taiwan, October 7, 2002 - Eastern Broadband Telecom (EBT), the leader of Taiwan's broadband telecom industry, selected General Bandwidth ® as the primary vendor for their VoIP deployment over their DOCSIS 1.1 PacketCable Network. General Bandwidth's G6 platform has been deployed in EBT's key central offices to enable Class 5-derived voice services to residential subscribers.

“The introduction of voice services over the PacketCable Network allows EBT to provide a full suite of communication services to our customers in Taiwan” said James Jeng, executive vice president of EBT. This represents the largest VoCable deployment in Asia by the largest Cable System operator in Taiwan.

General Bandwidth's G6 is being supported through a strategic partnership with Taihong Technology, a leading communications solution provider in Taiwan. THT provides cutting-edge solutions and complete integration services. "We are pleased to be working with a best-in-class product like the G6, and we believe that the combination of a carrier-class VoCable solution and complete service and support creates a successful long-term value proposition for EBT,” said Bruce Chen, president of THT.

As a result of the efforts of General Bandwidth and THT, EBT was successful in introducing the VoCable service to the Taiwan market ahead of schedule. “Our partnership with General Bandwidth and Taihong Technology has been a key component in assuring that EBT provided a successful launch of the VoCable service to our customers,” said Chuan Fu Teng, vice president of engineering. “The support has been above expectations.”

General Bandwidth's G6 was selected for its technology leadership as a VoIP access and media gateway. The G6 platform is built upon a carrier-class, fully redundant design that offers service providers a flexible solution for delivering VoCable services while providing a migration path from circuit to packet switched networks. Fully optimized for mass deployments, the G6 meets or exceeds the most stringent requirements for central office environments.

"EBT's service represents the first mass deployment of VoCable technology in Asia. The G6's ability to rapidly scale and quickly provision services is what drove the adoption of the platform," said Brendon Mills, President and CEO of General Bandwidth. "EBT is clearly a market innovator and will immediately benefit from the cost efficiencies and new revenues inherent in the Voice over Cable business case."

About EBT

Eastern Broadband Telecom is the first established private operator of fixed network telecommunications in Taiwan. EBT was founded with paid-in capital of NT$65.68 billion. Following the corporate principles of "Innovation, Convergence and Speed", EBT is the leader of Taiwan's broadband telecom industry and has successfully integrated communications, computer, CATV and content to provide the complete services of "4C Convergence" with its 100 percent broadband telecom networks and services.

About General Bandwidth


General Bandwidth's flagship G6 ® platform enables service providers to deploy voice over broadband technology to cost effectively deliver voice services over their existing broadband infrastructure and provide a migration path to end-to-end packet networks. www.genband.com


About Taihong Technology

TAIHONG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established in October 1999, as the TAILYN COMMUNICATION Co., Ltd. was incorporated as an equipment provider for IT and telecom offerings. The company provides world-renowned communications platforms and solutions. TAIHONG TECHNOLOGY assists telecom carriers and ISPs to implement the most competitive infrastructure and service environment.


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